Friday, November 3, 2017

Helakuru Apk Free Download - Helakuru Pro Version Included

Understanding the new features of Helakuru APK for your Android Devices

When it comes to the SMS typing, Email messaging or anything, almost many people around the world are using only the standard English keyboard to convey their messages. If they have decided to type the message in their mother tongue or own language then there is also possibility to get the custom language keyboards in all world level languages. In this way, helakuru apk is very famous among the several numbers of persons because it is nothing but the digital keyboard to type any message in the Sinhala language. Those who are all Sri Lankans or would like to type your message in Sinhala can make use of this helakuru mobile application which includes a lot of advanced features.

Advanced features in Helakuru apk:

Once the Sri Lankans or other people are considering the message typing in the Sinhala language on your Android mobile devices, you can download and install the best helakuru mobile apk file on your Android smart phone or tablet. It gives you a greater opportunity to enjoy the following features including,

·         Theme store - It is all new feature of the helakuru mobile app because this extraordinary feature provides the stunning keyboard themes to the users. At the same time, you can as well as choose your most favorite choice of theme from among them. Otherwise, you will be also allowed to customize your theme as per your needs about background image and colors.

·         Voice typing - Voice typing is also one of the newest features introduced in this helakuru mobile app. It is coming with the integral English and Sinhala voice typing support that is powered by the Google Speech recognition optimized for the Sinhala language.

·         Helakuru Plus Portal - It is not just the keyboard app for your mobiles but it also allows you to enjoy the several numbers of the brand new features including Radio and video streaming, Sinhala news, exclusive sinhala notifications for the national alerts and more.

Some more features of Helakuru app:

·         Word Predictions - This helakuru apk for your Android devices are usually coming with the Sinhala word prediction that enables everyone to type all sorts of the Sinhala words in just one or two taps.

·         Emoji support - This keyboard application now also comes with the extensive emoji support including all your most favorite and frequently used emojis like the gun.

·         System wide support - It is not just the mobile application where you can type the Sinhala language only but this keyboard also provides a greater support to type anything in any of your app system wide whether it is Twitter, Facebook or any other messaging application.

Keyboard layouts - Whenever the users are familiar with the standard Wijesekara keyboard layout to type in the Sinhala language, you can also use it. At the same time, it supports various other layouts as per the needs of the different users to type in SMS, Email or any other application.